Private Visa to Russia

  1. You should get in touch with the nearest consulate in order to learn what you need for a Russian visa. You should ask if you have to make an appointment to submit your application.
  2. You should buy tickets into and out of Russia
  3. The person you are going to visit should send you the original of Invitation Letter by post. In order to get this document your host should submit the following to the nearest Federal Migration Service office (ФМС):
  • 2 copies of this document Khodatajstvo
  • A copy of your international passport (check validity first)
  • A letter where your host gives a guarantee to the state that he will provide you with the place to stay at, money for your needs and pay for your medical treatment if you get ill Garantijnoe pismo
  • A bank statement and a letter from his job serving as a proof that he can sustain the aforementioned expenditure.
  • A state duty receipt your host should pay (500 RUB per person) (can be submitted when your friend comes to get the Invitation Letter)

ATTENTION Invitation Letter will be ready in 30 days.

4. Proceed to the site and prepare the rest of the documents.

5. Submit your application at a Consulate or a specially designated visa-centre.

6. Receive your passport with a visa and check it. An instruction is here or in PDF file  how_to_read_russian_visa

7. Before you cross the border you will be given a Migration Form that you should fill in. If you arrive in one of the major cities you don’t need to do it, as your passport will be scanned and a Migration Form with all the necessary information will be given to you.  front_page back_page Part A will be taken by the Immigration Officer while Part B (Б) you should keep till you leave Russia. If you lose it you should get a duplicate not later than 3 days after the loss in a Federal Migration Service office (ФМС). Be prepared to present additional documents besides your visa and passport at the border.

8. When you arrive at your friend’s place you should make a copy of your passport with your visa and your Migration card. All foreign citizens should be registered 7 working days after their arrival in Russia at latest. If your friend fails to do it, both will be fined. Your host can register you at the nearest post office or a Federal Migration Service office. He will be given a confirmation that you have been registered in Russia. This document is called “UVEDOMLENIE”  uvedomlenie and should be presented to the Immigration Officer when you leave Russia. You should have it on you while in Russia.

If you stay in Russia less than 7 days then you do not need to get registered.

*** ATTN If you arrive in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan or Sochi between 1 June 2017 and 12 July 2017 you have to get a registration during next 24 hrs or on the next working day if you arrive on weekend. You don’t have to worry if you stay at a hotel, they’ll do everything themselves.

If you arrive in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Volgograd, Ekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Saransk or Sochi between 25 May 2018 and 25 July 2018 you have to get a registration during next 24 hrs or on the next working day if you arrive on weekend. ***

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