Veliky Novgorod

‘Great’ Novgorod is a town with glorious history, it was founded in 1155 and lays on the banks of the river Volkhov. Now it’s a small town, rather unkempt but boasting a large number of old buildings especially churches. UNESCO has proclaimed 37 sites as World Heritage in Novgorod. A map with notable places is here

Novgorod Kremlin, Detinets, is a magnificent building dating back to 12c. (open 6-24). It is a pleasure to stroll in shade of the trees on a summer day and watch old picturesque churches.

DSC_0757DSC_0791Cathedral of St. Sophia (Софийский собор) is the oldest cathedral in Russia. (9-20)

DSC_0766The Bell Gable of the Cathedral of St Sofia (Звонница Софийского собора) (M, T, Thu 10-14 & 15-18, closed November-May)

DSC_0779Kokuy Tower (Башня Кокуй) – its height is 39 m and you can watch the surroundings from the top of it (T,W,F,Sat,S 12-14.30&15.30-20, closed November-May)

DSC_0803Millenium of Russia Monument (Тысячелетие России) 1862. 129 figures are depicted on this monument, they represent politicians, heroes, artists, writers and other prominent people.

DSC_0818Novgorod History museum – features 2 main exhibitions: one is devoted to Russian icons and the other – to the history of Novgorod. (M,W, Thu, F, Sat,S 10-18 extended hours May-Sep F,Sat,S 10-19, closed on last Thursday every month)

DSC_0807DSC_0810St Andrew Stratelates Church (XVc.) (June-October M,Thu, F, Sat,S 10-18, November-May 10-17)

DSC_0800The Episcopal Chamber (Chamber of Facets) (Грановитая Палата) (T-S 10-18, closed first Wednesday every month) features a collection of precious object that were in use in Orthodox Churches and other beautiful things made of gold and silver.

DSC_0769DSC_0952DSC_0954Novgorod Arts Museum (Художественный музей) (T-S 10-18, Thu 10-21, closed last Wednesday every month) I strongly recommend visiting this museum.

The Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior (Церковь Спаса Преображения на Ильине улице) XIV c. – one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen (W-S 11-17cclosed on last Thursday every month)

DSC_0845Cathedral of our Lady of the Sign (Знаменский собор) XIV c. (Thu-M 10-17 closed on first Thursday every month) Derelict old cathedral but picturesque.

DSC_0850St Theodore Stratilates Church (Церковь Федора Стратилата на ручью) XIV C. (Sat-W 10-17, closed on last Wednesday every month)

DSC_0862St Nicolas Cathedral (Никольский собор) XII c. (W-S 10-18, closed on last Friday every month) DSC_0833

Take note of the local beach!

DSC_0964Some more photos of the town


In the vicinity of Novgorod you will find two more notable places:

St George’s Monastery (Свято-Юрьев монастырь) XII c. (10-18)

DSC_0939Vitoslavlitsy Museum of Wooden Architecture (Музей деревянного зодчества «Витославлицы») (May-September 10-20, houses 10-18, October-April 10-17, houses 10-16) This museum exists since 1964. Churches and houses built in XVI-XIX c. were brought here from all over the Novgorod region to ensure their preservation. You can spend time by visiting different expositions devoted local traditions and crafts. In summer a quartet ‘Lodia’ sing religious and old songs in one of the churches.

DSC_0884DSC_0901DSC_0923DSC_0938You can get to Vitoslavlitsy by bus 7 or 7a which departs from the bus station and goes by the Kremlin and Arts museum. When you go back you should wait for the bus on the stop which is located to the right of the exit from Vitoslavlitsy, do not cross the road. If you need to alight at the Kremlin, alight where most people do. See link below on public transport. Here is a timetable of the buses, on the left is the time buses start from the bus station and on the right – from Vitoslavlitsy.


How to get to Veliky Novgorod

From Moscow

You can get to Veliky Novgorod by train (8,5 hrs) or by car, take M10 motorway which is a continuation of Leningradskoe shosse in Moscow.

From Saint-Petersburg

By train

Lastochka trains can bring you to Veliky Novgorod in 3 hrs. Veliky Novgorod is Novgorod-na-Volkhove (Новгород-на-Волхове) on RZhD site.

By bus

Buses depart from Saint-Petersburg from Naberezhnaya Obvodnogo Kanala 36 at 7.30, 9.30, 10.00, 10.35, 12.15, 13.00, 16.00, 17.00, 17.50, 18.30, 19.10, 19.50, 21.30. Ticket cost is 370 RUB.

Buses to Saint-Petersburg depart from the Central bus station at 07.00, 08.00, 08.50, 10.00, 10.30, 12.00, 14.00, 15.30, 16.00, 16.30, 18.30, 20.05

By car

Take M10 motorway.

How to get around in Veliky Novgorod

You can check out this website on public transport in Veliky Novgorod

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