Dmitry Vasyukov has shot several films about life in the Taiga and on the Russian North. The Taiga series is available in English on YouTube. The film ‘Happy People’ consists of 4 parts ‘Spring’-‘Summer’-‘Autumn’-‘Winter’ Links are here


Wild Russia’/‘Wildes Russland’. A documentary about Russian nature and fauna. Can be found on YouTube and on NatGeoWild If you are interested in Russian nature you may check out this site on national parks

Nicolas Vanier is a brave Frenchman famous for his dog-sledding thousands-of-miles-long trips through the harshest parts of the world. He is an author of ‘L’Odyssée sibérienne‘ and ‘Loup‘(Wolf).

Andreas Voigt will show you the life of the small peoples of Russia “Komi, a Journey across the Arctic”

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