Alexandre Latsa. A Frenchman who chose to move to Russia. He wrote 2 books on this country. One of his books, ‘Myths about Russia’, is only available in Russian, but a French version is to appear in the nearest future. His second book ‘Putin’s New Russia’ is in Russian and English. You may wish to check out his site English, Russian

Arnaud LeclercqLa Russie, puissance d’Eurasie , Histoire géopolitique des origines à Poutine‘. Check out the author’s site French, Russian

Robert Heywood wrote a report about his trip to Russia called ‘A Journey in Russia in 1858‘, reminds one of modern blogs English

Fedor Dostoevsky ‘A Writer’s Diary’ (Le Journal d’un écrivain, Tagebuch eines Schriftstellers, Il Diario di uno scrittore) Russian, English, French, German, Italian

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