The town is located 172 km to the East of Moscow, 2-hour drive from Moscow, on the banks of Klyazma River. Vladimir (Владимир) dates back to 990 year. In old days Vladimir played a major role in history being a part of the Grand Dutchy of Vladimir and main city of Rus. The town boasts a number of 12-century cathedrals.

Most of the historical sights are concentrated along the Moskovskaya street. Here is the map http://goo.gl/DKvenk

St. Demetrius Cathedral (12 c.) (Дмитриевский собор) (Summer M&Th 10-17, W,F,Sat,S 10-18 Winter M&Th 10-16, W,F,Sat,S 10-17, closed last W every month )

DSC_0970Assumption Cathedral (12 с.) (Успенский собор) ( T-S 13-16.45)

DSC_0010The Golden Gate (12 c.) (Золотые ворота) (10-18, closed on Th and last F every month) (B. Moskovskaya St. 1A)

DSC_0059Old Vladimir Museum (Старый Владимир) (T-S 10-18, closed on last W every month) (old water tower)

DSC_0087Vladimir Historical Museum (Исторический музей) (M&Th 10-16, W,F,Sat,S 10-17)(Bolshaya Moskovskaya St. 64)

Brothers Stoletovs Museum(Музей братьев Столетовых) (T&S 10-16, M,W,F,Sat 10-17) (Stoletovykh St. 3)

DSC_0815Museum of Nature (Музей природы) (T,W,F-S 10-17 Th 14-21 closed 3rd T every month) (Mira St. 19)

Museum of Crystal (Музей хрусталя)(11-19 and 11-21 on Th, closed on T and last W every month) (Dvoryanskaya St. 2) DSC_0065Although there is no Kremlin in Vladimir one can easily assume that the walls of the Nativity Monastery (Рождественский монастырь XIII c.) are these of a Kremlin. Now the territory of the monastery is occupied by an administrative building, a planetarium and inhabited by 14 monks, all young and handsome, as I was told by the woman who sells monastery’s pastry.


How to get to Vladimir

By rail

The best way to get to Vladimir. You can choose between different trains: Sapsan (1 h 45 min), Lastochka (1 h 45 min) and regional trains (3 hrs). For the former 2 you can buy the ticket on RZHD site. For regional trains you can buy a ticket at the Kursky station (level 1). You can also consider long-distance trains but they are more expensive.

By bus

The departure is from the Central Bus Station in Moscow http://goo.gl/ADx1Bq

By car

Take M7 motorway to drive to Vladimir. Beware of traffic jams which can turn your trip into a 5 hour-halt.

How to get around in Vladimir

Check out this site on public transport http://wikiroutes.info/en/vladimir

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