Tula (Тула) is a two-hour drive away from Moscow. Having been founded in 1146 it is one of the oldest Russian towns. Tula is one of the twelve Hero Cities, a title awarded to towns where citizens demonstrated outstanding valour and heroism while protecting the Motherland during WWII. Not only in the 20th century Tula played its defensive role to Moscow, preceding centuries also provided the locals with cause for courage.

Check out this map of attractions http://goo.gl/uf9Qmz

The Kremlin (Кремль), a major defensive edifice, dates back to XVI century. In the Kremlin (T-S 10-18, closed M, 2nd T every month)


there are the old building of the Museum of Armoury (Музей оружия)

DSC_0702which have moved to a new building, Oktyabrskaya st 2

DSC_0756and Svyato-Uspensky sobor (The Cathedral of the Dormition) (XVIII c.).

DSC_0711Just outside the Kremlin is the Museum of Samovars (Музей самоваров) (T-S 10-18, closed M, last W every month)

DSC_0739and Uspensky sobor (The Cathedral of the Dormition) (1902).


Tula has many factories and plants, here thrive metallurgical industry, mechanical engineering and armaments industry. When a Russian hears ‘Tula’ the word brings to his mind three pictures: a samovar, a gingerbread, a gun.


And yes, Tula gingerbreads also have a museum (Oktyabrskaya 45). They have become so popular because they are the most tasty compared to gingerbreads from other regions. There are three bakeries which sell them, I recommend gingerbreads by Staraya Tula (Старая Тула), these are the best, you can buy them at the shop by the museum.

There are also Tula Regional Arts Museum (F. Engelsa 64)(T-S 10-18, closed M, last W every month), Tula Regional Museum of Local History (Sovetskaya 68) (T-S 10-18, closed M, last W every month), Museum of V.V. Veresaev (Gogolevskaya 82), Museum of N.I. Beloborodov (Propekt Lenina 16) (T-S 10-18, closed M, last W every month), Museum of P.N. Krylov (Kutuzova 10) (T-S 10-18, closed M) and a small Zoo specializing in reptiles (Oktyabrskaya 26) (W-S 10-18, closed M,T).


How to get to Tula

You can reach Tula by rail, by bus, by car.

Not so long ago new comfortable regional trains Lastochka started running between Moscow and Tula. The journey lasts 2 hrs, the train starts from Kursky Station and arrives at the Moskovsky Station in Tula. I think this is the most comfortable way to get to Tula. You may also consider getting to Tula by minibus. There are several companies which operate them, I would recommend the one I use mostly. The starting point in Moscow is a bus station by m. Teply Stan and the route ends at the Ploshchad Vosstaniya in Tula, a couple of minutes walk from the Kremlin. Departures are every 30 minutes (except for last hour) from Moscow 7 a.m. – 12.30 a.m. from Tula 3.30 a.m. – 9 p.m. There is one 10-min stop during the trip. You can also reach Tula by car, take M2 motorway which is a continuation of Varshavskoe shosse in Moscow.

How to get around in Tula

Use this site for public transport in Tula http://wikiroutes.info/en/tula

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