Polenovo (Поленово) is an estate of the famous Russian artist Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov (1844-1927). He chose these picturesque banks of the river Oka for living and settled here in 1892. Polenov’s house was never empty, it attracted lots of artistic people.

DSC_0734DSC_0735DSC_0749DSC_0811DSC_0816Polenovo is open every day except Monday and Tuesday and last Thursday every month 11-18. Ticket office closes 1 hr before closing time.

Main House guided tour in Russian 270 RUB. Photos 200 RUB. Website in Russian http://www.polenovo.ru/ru/glavnaya/

How to get to Polenovo:

You should get to Tarusskaya (Тарусская) station from Tula or Moscow (Kursky station Kursky direction or Kalanchevskaya station) then take a bus to Velegozh (Велегож) or Lanshino (Ланьшино) and alight at the stop Strakhovo (село Страхово). First ask the driver if the bus goes via Strakhovo. Then walk 1 km to Polenovo estate. Or take a taxi from Tarusskaya. See map https://goo.gl/kYmlvh


There is a nice beach in Polenovo so take all you need to swim.


There is the first locavore restaurant in Russia not very far from Polenovo, only 5 km, called Mark I Lev (Mark&Lion). Try ruby beer. They also offer houses for rent.


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