All these museums can be found on this map https://goo.gl/Ch2XbQ

1. Rise of the Machines Museum (Музей восстания машин) Address: settlement Pargolovo, Lomonosova Ul. 5. Opening hrs: 11-22 daily. Contacts: +78125974744, +78125168422, info@musbot.ru. Website: http://musbot.ru/

2. Empire of Robots (Империя Роботов) Address: Primorsky prospect 72, shopping mall Piterland. Opening hrs: 10-22 daily. Tickets: 500 RUB. Contacts: +78129413473. Website: http://impbot.ru/

3.Dom Naoborot (Дом наоборот) Upside down house. Address: Ryukhina 3A. Visits should be prearranged. Contacts: +78129854889. Website: http://domnaoborot.ru/

4. Museum of Fans (Музей вееров) Address: Kamennoostrovsky prospect 73-75. Opening hrs: 11-20. Closed on Monday. Ticket office closes 1 hr before closing time. Tickets: 500-650 RUB, 1000 RUB for a family ticket (2 adults+ 3 kids under 14 yo). Contacts: +78124994959. Website: http://www.mus.rusampir.ru/o_muzee/

5. Museum of Toys (Музей игрушки) Address: naberezhnaya reki Karpovki 32. Opening hrs: 11-18. Closed on Monday. Contacts: +78122344312

6. Museum of the All-Russia Association of the Blind (Народный музей истории Санкт-Петербургской региональной организации Всероссийского общества слепых) The museum is devoted to the history of the life of the blind in Saint-Petersburg region. Address: Shamsheva Ul. 8. Opening hrs: on workdays 10-16.30. Contacts: +78122371790. Website: http://www.spbvos.ru/history/museum.php

7.Museum of Post Cards (Детский музей открытки) Address: Pionerskaya Ul. 2. Opening hrs: F,Sat,S – 12-18. Contacts: +79214054489 4054489@mail.ru Website: http://www.artgarden.spb.ru/nindex.php?id=museum

8. Museum of Dolls (Музей кукол) Address: Kamskaya Ul. 8. Opening hrs: 10-18 daily. Contacts: +78123277224 museum@russiandolls.ru. Website: http://museumdolls.ru/

9. Museum of Coffee (Музей кофе) Address: Voskresenskaya naberezhnaya 14. Tickets: 250 RUB, 800 RUB (coffee tasting). Opening hrs: 11-20 daily. Visits to be pre-booked. Contacts: +78122758739 ilove@mcof.ru. Website: http://mcof.ru/

10. Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines (Музей советских игровых автоматов) Address: Konyushennaya ploshchad 2B. Opening hrs: 11-20 daily. Tickets: 350-450 RUB (playing included). Website: http://www.15kop.ru/en/

11. Museum of Microminiature “Russian Levsha” (Музей микроминиатюры «Русский Левша») Address: Italyanskaya Ul. 35.Opening hrs: 11-19 daily. Tickets: Children under 6 are not allowed, group of more than 9 people to be pre-booked +78123128897. Website: http://www.russian-master.ru/mgm/contacts

12. Museum of Russian Vodka (Музей русской водки) Address: Konnogvardeysky Bulvar 4. Opening hrs: 12-19 daily. Tickets: 170 RUB, 350 RUB (3 drinks incl.), 500 RUB (guided tour in English, 3 drinks). Contacts: info@vodkamuseum.su +78129431431. Website: http://www.vodkamuseum.su/index.php?lang=en

13.Museum of Love ‘Muzeros’ (Музей любви «МузЭрос») Address: Ligovsky prospect 43-45. Opening hrs: 11-23. Website: http://www.museros.ru/en

14.Museum of Bread (Музей хлеба) Address: Ligovsky prospekt 73. Opening hrs: 10-17. Closed on Sunday, Monday and last Tuesday every month. Ticket office closes 1 hr before closing time. +78127641110.

15.GameBrick Museum On display: LEGO models. Address: Voznesensky prospect 44-46 (entrance between Сумья and Subway). Opening hrs: T,W,Thu,F – 12-20, Sat,S, public holidays – 11-20. Closed on Monday. Ticket office closes 1 hr before closing time. +78129250950.

16. Museum of Professional Education (Музей профессионального образования) Address: Marata Ul. 64. Opening hrs: 9-17 on weekdays. Contacts: +78123150372 profmuseum@bk.ru. Website: http://profmuseum.ru/

17.Horrors of Petersburg (Ужасы Петербурга) On display: theatre performance in Russian. Address: Marata Ul. 86, 2nd floor. Opening hrs: M,T,W,Thu – 12-18, F,Sat,S – 11-21. Mirror labyrinth – 11-21 daily. Tickets: 1000 RUB. 250 RUB (mirror labyrinth only). Contacts: +78123130704. Website: http://www.spbhorror.ru/

18.Museum of Brewing (Музей пивоварения) Address: Stepana Razina Ul. 9. Opening hrs: W,F – 11-17. Visits should be pre-booked 812) 331-12-12. Take your passport with you.

19. Grand Maket Russia (Грандмакет Россия) Russia in toy proportions. Address: Tsvetochnaya Ul. 16. Opening hrs: 10-20 daily. Ticket office closes 45 min before closing time. Contacts: +78124955465, info@grandmaket.ru. Website: https://grandmaket.ru/en/

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