1. Submarine B-396 (Музей истории ВМФ)A real submarine. Address: Svobody Ul. 56. Opening hrs: T,W,F,Sat,S – 11-19, Thu – 13-21. Tickets: 250 RUB. Free admission on 3rd Sunday every month.
  2. The Museum of Cosmonautics (Музей космонавтики) Address: prospect Mira 111. Opening hrs: T,W,F,Sat,S – 10-19, Thu – 10-21. Closed on Monday. Tickets: 200 RUB. Photos: 230 RUB. Guided tours 3000 RUB for a group of up to 10 people. Ticket office closes 30 min before closing time. To book guided tours (English, French) call +74956831826, +74956837914. Guided tours are to be paid for 2 weeks before your visit.
  3. Sergey Korolev Memorial House (Мемориальный дом-музей академика С. П. Королёва) Address: 1 Ostankinskaya Ul. 28. Opening hrs: W,F,Sat,S – 11-17, Thu – 13-21. Guided tours are only in Russian.
  4. Museum of the Telephone History (Музей истории телефона) Address: Krasnobogatyrskaya Ul. 89 str. 1. Opening hrs: Sat,S – 11-17. Your visit should be prearranged +74957870777 or Website:
  5. Museum of Trains of the Moscow Railway (Музей Московской железной дороги). On display: trains. Address: Rizhskogo vokzala ploshchad 1. Opening hrs: W-S – 10-17. Closed on Monday, Tuesday. Ticket office closes 1 hr before closing time. Tickets: 250 RUB. Guided tours in English to be pre-booked +74992668221.
  6. Museum of Retro Automobiles (Музей ретро-автомобилей) Address: Rogozhsky Val Ul. 9/2. Opening hrs: T-S – 10-21. Closed on Monday. Guided tours: +74959118021. Website:
  7. Avtoville (Автовилль) On display: old beautiful cars. Address: Usacheva Ul. 2 str. 1. Opening hrs: 10-22 daily. Tickets: 300 RUB. Guided tours in English: 3000 for a group of 5, 4500 RUB for a group of 10, 6000 RUB for a group of 15, 7500 RUB for a group of 20. Guided tours start every 2 hrs. Can be booked here +74957059881.
  8. Moscow Railway Museum on Paveletskaya (Музей Московской железной дороги)On display: history of the Moscow railway. Address: Kozhevnicheskaya Ul. 2. Opening hrs: W-S – 10-19. Closed on Monday, Tuesday. Ticket office closes 1 hr before closing time. Tickets: 250 RUB. Guided tours in English to be pre-booked +7 4996233978.
  9. Moscow Metro Museum (Народный музей истории Московского метрополитена) Address: Khamovnichesky Va Ul., 36. Opening hrs: T,W,Thu,F – 9-16.30, Sat – 10-16.30. Closed: Sunday, Monday and last Tuesday every month. Free entrance. No guided tours in foreign languages. For guided tours in Russian call: +74956227309.
  10. Open Storage of the Polytechnic Museum (“Открытые фонды” Политехнического музея) Address: Volgogradsky prospect 42 str. 5, level 2. Opening hrs: T,Sat – 11-17, Thu – 12-20. Tickets: 6000 RUB for a group of up to 20 people. Visits should be pre-booked +74957305438(ext.1467). Website:
  11. Computer Evolution Gallery (Галерея компьютерной эволюции) Address: Nagorny proezd 3 str. 5. Opening hrs: daily 10-19. Tickets: 250 RUB. For guided tours write:
  12. Lomakov’s Museum of Retro Cars and Motorcycles (Ломаковский музей старинных автомобилей и мотоциклов) Address: Krasnodarskaya Ul., vladenie 58. Opening hrs: daily 11-19. Closed on 31 December, 1&2 January. Tickets: 200 RUB. Photos: 100 RUB. Website:

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