1. Museum of Cognac History (Музей истории коньяка) Address: Leningradskoe shosse 67. Visits are only possible as part of a group. Guided tours (in Russian) are on Saturdays at noon. Museum can offer an interpreter for you (not for free). Guided tours to be booked +74999409351 or on the website http://www.cognacmuseum.ru/en/
  2. Museum of Money (Музей денег) On display: coins and banknotes of different countries. Address: Leningradskoe shosse 59. Opening hrs: 10-18 on weekdays. Tickets: 200-350 RUB. +74996529456 and info@muzeydeneg.ru
  3. Museum of Illusions on VDNKh (Музей Иллюзий)On display: check out http://bestmuseum.ru/en. Address: Prospekt Mira 119, pavilion 55. Opening hrs: weekdays 10-19, weekends 10-20. Tickets: 350 RUB.
  4. Contemporary Museum of Sport (Современный музей спорта) On display: medals and cups. Address: Aviatsionnaya Ul. 68 str. 5. Opening hrs: 9-17.30 on weekdays. Their admission policy remained a mystery to me. First call them (Russian only)+74959425001 or write info@smsport.ru.
  5. FC Lokomotiv Museum (Музей футбольного клуба Локомотив) Address: Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya Ul. 125a. Entrance between 12 and 13 sectors of the North Stand. Opening hrs: T-S – 11-18. Closed on Monday. Tickets: 150 RUB. Website: http://www.fclm.ru/en/club/museum
  6. Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy (Современный музей каллиграфии) Address: Sokolniki Park, 5 Luchevoi Prosek, Pavilion 7, str. 1. Opening hrs: T,W,Thu,F – 12-21, Sat,S – 10-19. Tickets: 200 RUB. Ticket office closes 1 hr before closing time. Guided tours in English 5500 RUB for a group of 5-15 people. Website: http://www.calligraphy-museum.com/eng/default.aspx
  7. Museum of the Russian Folk Toys ‘Zabavushka’ (Музей народной игрушки “Забавушка”) Address: 1 Pugachevskaya Ul., vladenie 17. Visits are only possible if prearranged +79153020047 (Russian). Website: http://www.zabawushka.ru/exposure.html
  8. Museum of the History of Vodka (Музей истории водки) Address: Izmaylovskoe shosse 73zh. Opening hrs: 10-20. Tickets: 180 RUB. Website: http://goo.gl/RhfYEU
  9. Museum of Russian Folk Toys (Музей игрушки) Address: Izmaylovskoe shosse 73zh. Opening hrs: W,Thu,F – 10-15, Sat,S – 10-18. Closed on Monday, Tuesday. Ticket: 50 RUB. Website: http://goo.gl/X4KNn7
  10. Museum of Bread (Музей хлеба) Address: Izmaylovskoe shosse 73zh. Opening hrs: W-S – 10-18. Closed on Monday, Tuesday. Ticket: 50 RUB. Website: http://goo.gl/JOxHRg
  11. Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines (Музей советских игровых автоматов) Address: Baumanskaya Ul. 11. Opening hrs: M,T,W,Thu – 13-21, F – 13-20, Sat, S – 11-20. Tickets: 450 RUB (playing included)
  12. Museum of Russian Chocolate History (М.И.Р. Музей истории русского шоколада) Address: Triumfalnaya ploshchad, entrance from 1 Brestskaya Ul., 2 str.3. Opening hrs: T-S – 11-19. Closed on Monday. Tickets: 500 RUB. contact@chocoandcacao.ru Website: http://www.chocoandcacao.ru/#!home-eng/ce94
  13. State Museum of Sport (Государственный музей спорта) Address: Kazakova Ul. 18 str. 2. Opening hrs: on weekdays 10-18. Closed on weekends. Ticket office closes 30 min before closing time. Tickets: 150 RUB. Your visit should be arranged in advance +74999410773 (Russian) or museumfks@gmail.com.
  14. Museum of Unique Dolls (Музей уникальных кукол) Address: Pokrovka Ul. 13. str. 2. Opening hrs: F,Sat,S – 10-18. Museum offers guided tours on W&Thu at 12.00,14.00,16.00. Closed on Monday&Tuesday. Tickets: 200 RUB, guided tours (Russian) 250 RUB per person. From 1 Sep till 31 May free entrance on Fridays from 10.00 till 12.00. Book guided tours here: +74956256405.
  15. National Museum of Russian Vodka (Национальный музей русской водки) Address: Samokatnaya Ul. 4 str. 7. Opening hrs: weekdays 10-18. Closed on weekends. Visits are only possible as part of a group. Pre-book by +74953616010 (Russian). 1500 RUB for a group of up to 10 people, you should have you own interpreter.
  16. Dolls Museum ‘Olga Okudzhava’s Doll’s House’ (Музей кукол “Кукольный дом Ольги Окуджава”) Address: Varvarka Ul. 14. Opening hrs: T,F,Sat – 12-17. Tickets: 150 RUB.
  17. Museum of Erotic Art Tochka-G (Музей эротического искусства Точка-G) Address: Novy Arbat Ul. 15. Opening hrs: 12-24 daily. Tickets 500 RUB.
  18. Museum of Illusions (Музей Иллюзий) On display: check out http://bestmuseum.ru/en. Address: Maly Nikolopeskovsky pereulok 4. Opening hrs: daily 11.30-23.30. Tickets: 350 RUB.
  19. Perfume Museum (Музей парфюмерии) On display: vintage rare perfumes. Address: Arbat Ul. 36 (a red sign МУЗЕЙ). Opening hrs: T-S – 11-22. Closed on Monday. Guided tours: 1000 RUB for up to 20 people. Audioguides in 32 languages included. +74997951479 or +79166707474 + WhatsApp + Viber or info@museumperfume.ru. Rules: do not touch anything and do not open the bottles, every question about Sueskind’s novel costs 3000 RUB. Website: http://museumperfume.ru/?view=home&lang=eng
  20. Museum of Chess (Музей шахмат) Address: Gogolevsky Bulvar 14. Tickets: free. Admission to be prearranged: russiachess@gmail.com
  21. Dolls Area Gallery (Галерея “Пространство кукол”) On display: old and modern dolls by talented masters. Address: Svobodny prospect 33A, Shopping mall ‘Novogireevo’ 2nd Opening hrs: daily 11-19. Tickets: 300 RUB.
  22. Museum of Nomadic Culture (Музей кочевой культуры) Address: Aviamotornaya St., 30A. You should form a group of 15-30 people to visit this museum. You can join other people by pre-booking your visit +79165133148 (Russian).
  23. Museum of Culinary Art (Музей кулинарного искусства) Address: Bolshoy Rogozhsky pereulok 17. Open T-S. Your visit should be prearranged +74959113503 (Russian).
  24. Museum of Valenki (Музей “Русские валенки”)On display: everything about Russian footwear valenki. Address: 2-oy Kozhevnichesky pereulok 12. Opening hrs: T,W, F, Sat – 10-17.30. Closed on Monday, Thursday, Sunday. Ticket office closes 1 hr before closing time. Tickets: 150 RUB, 250 RUB for a guided tour in Russian. You’d better first give them a call and inform of your visit +79104025913, otherwise you may end surrounded by crowds of schoolchildren.
  25. Museum of Fashion (Музей моды) On display: clothes of XIX and XX c. Address: Partiyny pereulok 1/58. The museum is under construction so call or write to them first: +74959264829, museum_moda@bk.ru, welcome@moscowfashionmuseum.com.
  26. Ochakovo Brewery Museum (Музей Очаково) This museum is devoted to the traditions of brewing since XIX c. Address: Ryabinovaya Ul. 44. Opening hrs: M-Sat 9-18. You visit to be prearranged by phone
    +74957853907 or email museum@ochakovo.ru and to be reconfirmed 2-3- days before your visit.

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