I will try to create a map of Moscow that will encompass almost all attractions to be found in the city.

You should press on layers on the left to open/close different categories. So far I have done only ‘Museum’ part.

The structure of the map:


Most big cities offer special cards for tourists. In Moscow they also exist. I don’t think the offers are very attractive but will provide info nevertheless:

Moscow Pass The card gives access to several museums, tourist bus, guided tours, boat ride and offers discounts at a designated restaurants. I cannot say I would buy one myself, but it’s up to you to decide.

Prime Pass. The card gives access to Planetarium, Zoo, Garage contemporary Art Museum, Museum of Moscow, Tretyakov Gallery (incl. on Krymsky Val) and grants unlimited rides on public transport. The card is valid for 24 hrs and costs 1099 RUB. There is sense in buying it if you would like to visit at least 3 attractions from the list and use public transport extensively. But you will not save much with it… so I wouldn’t buy it myself. You can order the card online (Russian only) or here With delivery it will cost 1399 RUB. If you are ready to pick it up yourself: Krasnoproletarskaya St. 16 str.2. Very inconvenient. But they promised to grow… so let’s wait and see.

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