Abramtsevo (Абрамцево) estate was one of centres of artistic and literary life in the XIX c. 1843-1870 the estate belonged to the writer Sergey Aksakov. Then – to Savva Mamontov, a famous Russian patron of the arts. Both owners had famous writers and artists in the estate, surrounding scenery inspiring them.


Opening hrs: park 10-20 daily, museums W,Thu,F,S – 10-18, Sat – 10-20, closed on Monday, Tuesday and last Thursday every month. Admission ends at 18. Guided tour in English to be pre-booked. I recommend visiting only main house. Website: http://www.abramtsevo.net/eng/. Contacts: info@abramtsevo.net or +74959930033.

How to get to Abramtsevo

Take suburban train from Yaroslavsky railway station in the direction of Aleksandrov or Sergiev Posad. They depart every 30 minutes. Alight either at Abramtsevo stop and then walk or at Khotkovo and take bus 55 which is more convenient. See map https://goo.gl/9ZMMK7.

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