Kazan is a very beautiful town founded in 1005 at the junction of the rivers Volga and Kazanka. Ivan the Terrible conquered the town for Russians in 1552. Kazan has different cultures intertwined, Tartars and Russians live peacefully together. Kazan has been made one of the most tourist-friendly Russian towns as it hosted World University Games in 2013 and will host FINA World Championship in 2015 and FIFA World Cup in 2018. Please, use this map for Kazan attractions and places to eat https://goo.gl/hKkL8Y. Kazan attractions are:

Kazan Kremlin is a UNESCO World Heritage site and dates back to XVI c. Opening hrs: 1 October – 30 April 8-20, 1 May – 30 September 8-22. For guided tours +78435678073, +78435678142, +78435678141 or excurs@kazan-kremlin.ru. I can’t recommend their audio guides. There are several sites and museums at the Kremlin.

DSC_0878 DSC_0891DSC_0952DSC_0108Kul-Sharif Mosque (Мечеть Кул-Шариф) was destructed in 1552 and built again, completed in 2005. Non-Muslim people can stand on the balconies of the Mosque.

DSC_0941DSC_0875The Cathedral of Annunciation (Благовещенский собор) dates back to XVI c.

DSC_0964Syuyumbike Tower is a falling tower.

DSC_0947DSC_0139Tatarstan’s Natural History Museum (Музей естественной истории Татарстана). Opening hrs: T,W,Thu,Sat,S – 10-18, F – 12-21. Ticketing office closes 1 hr before closing time. Guided tours in English for a group of 20: 2000 RUB, book here tabigatzayavka@gmail.com.

Museum of Islamic Culture (Музей Исламской Культуры) to be found in the Kul-Sharif Mosque. Opening hrs: M,T,W,Thu,Sat,S – 10-19.30, F – 10-21. Ticketing office closes 30 min before closing time. For guided tours +78435678125, +78435678152 or islammuseum@yandex.ru.

Museum of the History of the Statehood of the Tartar People and the Tatarstan Republic (Музей истории государственности татарского народа и республики Татарстан)is about archaeological excavations. Opening hrs: T,W,Thu,Sat,S – 10-18, F – 12-21. Ticketing office closes 1 hr before closing time.

‘Hermitage-Kazan’ Centre (Центр «Эрмитаж-Казань») is a must as St-Peterburg’s Hermitage has its collection displayed here. Opening hrs: T,W,Thu,Sat,S – 10-18, F – 12-21. Ticketing office closes 1 hrs before closing time.

Hazine Gallery (Галерея Хазинэ) Opening hrs: T,W,F,Sat,S – 10-18, Thu – 10-21. Closed on Monday and on last Tuesday every month. Ticketing office closes 30 min before closing time.

Gun Yard Museum (Музей Пушечного двора) Opening hrs: T,W,Thu,Sat,S – 10-18, F – 12-21. Ticketing office closes 30 min before closing time.


National Museum of Tatarstan (Национальный музей Республики Татарстан) I recommend visiting this museum. Komsomolskaya St. 2. Opening hrs: T,W,Sat,S – 10-18, Thu – 13-21, F – 10-17. Closed on Monday and last Wednesday every month. Ticketing office closes 1 hr before closing time.

The Temple of All Religions (Храм всех религий) is a unique building by a unique artist, Ildar Khanov, who built it in his yard. Now he is dead and his child is being built by volunteers. The temple is located in Staroe Arakchino settlement. Take bus 2 from the stop opposite Kamal Theatre (one stop from the metro station Tukay Square). Use this great website http://wikiroutes.info/en/kazan for public transport. When you go back the stop is opposite the shop, just stand on the road there and the bus will stop.

DSC_0010DSC_0046DSC_0049 The Farmers’ Palace (Дворец земледельцев) is a seating place of the Agriculture Ministry. It was built in 2010.

DSC_0165 Baumana St. – the Arbat of Kazan

Epiphany Cathedral (Богоявленский собор) DSC_0056

Evgeny Baratynsky Museum (Музей Е.А. Баратынского) Maksima Gorkogo St. 25/28. Opening hrs: T-S – 11-17.

Fine Arts Museum (Музей изобразительных искусств) Karla Marksa St. 64. Opening hrs: T,W,F,Sat,S – 10-18, Thu – 10-20. Closed on Monday and on last Tuesday every month. Ticketing office closes 30 min before closing time.

DSC_0204St Peter and Paul Cathedral (Петропавловский собор)XVIII c. I recommend visiting this cathedral. Musy Dzhalilya St. 21.

DSC_0070Ushkova’s House (Дом Ушковой) houses National Library now. Kremlevskaya St. 33.

DSC_0767Kazan Millenium Museum (Музей тысячелетия Казани) Pushkina St. 86. T-S 10-17. Ticket office closes 1 hr before closing time.

Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines (Музей советских игровых автоматов) Kremlevskaya St. 21. Opening hrs: 11-20 daily. You can play there.

Soviet Lifestyle Museum (Музей социалистического быта) Universitetskaya St. 6. Opening hrs: 10-20 daily. Tickets: 200 RUB.

Gabdulla Tukay Museum (Shamil’s House) (Музей Г.М. Тукая (Дом Шамиля)) Tukaya St. 74. Opening hrs: T-S 10-17. Closed on Monday.

DSC_1003Anapaevs’ House (Дом Анапаевых) Fatykha Karima St 14/67.

More pics of Kazan


The Raifa Bogoroditsky Monastery (Раифский Богородицкий монастырь) Take buses 552 or 554 from the Severny Sation (Северный вокзал) which pass Raifa. Timetable:

Kazan-Raifa 552,554 – 8:15, 10:05, 12:00, 14:10, 16:00, 17:30

Raifa-Kazan 552,554 – 6:35, 7:40, 10:25, 12:20, 14:00, 15:05

Zilantov Convent (Успенский Зилантов монастырь)

Blue Lake Take buses 40 or 78 from the Severny Sation (Северный вокзал) which pass Blue Lake. But be prepared to wait for an hour or more as they ride with 30-80 min intervals.


You can take a boat trip on the Volga from the river port. If you know Russian you can give them a call about the timetable +78432330808 or write to tatflot@mail.ru. Trips to Bulgar will start in May, in 2016 they leave at 8 a.m. and leave Bulgar at 3.40 p.m. Better buy tickets in advance. It is also possible to get to Bulgar by bus. Many tourist agencies offer such excursions, e.g. +78007757741 (Kazan excursion Bureau http://goo.gl/m9i1rR), +78007757541 kazanexc@mail.ru (Tatartours https://tatar-tours.ru/), +78005006083 osaz69@mail.ru, kazan-tour@bk.ru (Kazan Tour http://goo.gl/fV6dd4). The price is usually 1600 RUB for 10 hrs day excursion.

How to get to Kazan

By train

Several trains can bring you to Kazan from Moscow, I can offer this overnight journey by train to you as the time passes swiftly and you find yourself in Kazan/Moscow early in the morning.

By car

Take M7 motorway which is a continuation of Shosse Entuziastov in Moscow. The distance is 812 km.

By air

You can get to Kazan from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Simferopol, Sochi (Adler), Saratov, Samara, Perm, Penza, Kirov, Orenburg, Larnaca, Barcelona, Helsinki, Istanbul, Baku, Hurgada, Almaty, Bishkek, Fergana, Samarkand, Tashkent, Dushanbe, Fergana. Kazan International Airport is located 26 km from Kazan. You can get there by car or by aeroexpress.

How to get around in Kazan

You can check out this website on public transport in Kazan http://wikiroutes.info/en/kazan.

6 thoughts on “KAZAN”

  1. Perfect!! This is super helpful … I have 4 days here this month so just gonna see as much of these places as possible 🙂 any chance you have more information on the day boat to Bolgar? You meantion it may start in May but I can’t find anything online 😦


    1. Hi, just called them. They said they set off at 8 a.m. daily. Back at 3.40 p.m.. But tickets are sold out till 15th June 😦 Also have a look at the updated info in the article, perhaps you can get there with an excursion


  2. Oh you are amazing!! I don’t go until 22nd so will book now. Excursions seems to be on weekend / dates didn’t work and the idea of going by boat seems rather romantic … Thanks!


    1. I wish you good luck! If anything goes wrong, you can get to Bulgar (Болгар) by bus from the Yuzny Bus Station (to be found on my map), it departs at 10 a.m. daily and at 9 a.m. on weekends, the journey takes 3,5 hrs.


      1. Perfect 🙂 oh and just so you know the email for the boat company you have here bouces back so may be wrong?


      2. Ups, I don’t think I understood what you mean, try me once again )) As for the email of the boat company, you can try and write to them, but I’m not sure that they will answer (try also kazport@mail.ru)… I think the only way to buy the ticket for the boat is to come to the river port in person and buy tickets from the cashier…


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