Olenevka (Оленевка) is located at the western end of the Crimea, cape Tarkhankut. It’s a small settlement with no attractions except for crystal clear aquamarine sea, dramatic steep coast of Atlesh and picturesque hidden beaches of Dzhangul. A map: https://goo.gl/VFtAKd


To visit Atlesh you may take boat trip or you can get there in a car or by bicycle. To order a boat trip ask your hotel representatives to book it for you. If you are lucky you will be accompanied by dolphins.

OlenevkaOlenevkaOlenevkaOlenevkaOlenevkaTo visit Dzhangul you need to take a car or taxi. Taxi drivers charge 1200 RUB for getting you to the spot and then taking you from there in some time. There are four gullies along this coast, and there are great beaches at the 3rd and 4th gullies (in Russian 3я & 4ая балка). 4th gully is not for families with children as you need to descend a very steep slope.

OlenevkaOlenevkaOlenevkaOlenevkaOlenevkaOlenevkaThere is one great thing about Olenevka – it’s always windy there. Wind + water = kitesurfing & windsurfing. There are schools for these hobbies, as far as I know they are open all the year round. The place is also very popular among spear fishermen and divers. There is even a unique underwater museum of Soviet leaders’ busts 13 metres under the sea level.

It has been decided that Olenevka is to host a major extreme event of the year in Russia – Extreme Crimea Festival. In 2015 it lasted 9 days (1-9 August) (dates for 2016 – 23-31 July) and people could watch professional adrenaline addicts and try their hand at whatever activity they preferred. They sold a ticket which included a place for 1 tent, all activities (kitesurfing, windsurfing, SUP surfing, powerlifting, parkour, dance battles, spearfishing, diving, skateboarding, dirt jumping, vert roller skating, street workout) and concerts of Russian musicians.


Where to stay:

Almost all local people offer rooms for rent so you can come and find a place to live on the spot. As I prefer to have everything arranged beforehand I stayed at the only place which has a website, a hotel Ekvator. I was quite happy with their service and recommend them to you. Website:http://ekvator-more.com.ua/ Contacts:ekvatormore@gmail.com.

Where to eat:

Ekvator has a canteen where you can eat quite cheap. There is one more place to eat: Oliva del Mar (Lenina St. 78), I advise to book tables in advance.

How to get there:

Well, it’s really easier to take a taxi as it will take you only 2 hrs to get to Olenevka from the airport. It costs 3000 RUB. Or you can get a bus to Simferopol from the airport, then take a bus to Chernomorskoe then a taxi to Olenevka.

If you are going to visit Extreme Crimea they offer transfer for 400 RUB one way from Simferopol.

How to get around:

On foot or in a taxi.

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