Hi, my name is Anastasia and I’m an author of bearswithbalalaikas.

Once in Mexico I was told by a Canadian couple that they want to travel Russia (not just Moscow and St Petersburg); my reaction to this was – impossible. No one speaks English and getting around can be a problem even to locals.

It took me a couple of years to understand that travelling Russia is possible and it’s in my power to make it easier for people who love travelling as I do and prefer to travel by themselves.

I strive to visit different places in Russia to publish a guide which you can use while planning your trip to my country. I do it the way I get prepared for my trips. Do not forget to use maps.

UPD: I decided to start helping not only individual travellers, but also those who need help, so visit my another website http://www.bwb-travel.com/#!home/nxhr3

I host a Couchsurfing event in Moscow called “Russian Wednesday”. It takes place every Wednesday at LavkaLavka restaurant. UPD: To be resumed in April 2016.

I would be thankful if you mention bearswithbalalaikas if copying my photos and other materials.

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